Israel Grounded Unmanned

Israel Grounded Unmanned 22 October, 2018

Israel introduced two new autonomous robotic systems. Systems are designed by developed by IAI, can be used in different tasks.

The first of these, the Sahar unmanned ground vehicle, is used in the destruction of improved explosive devices (IED). With its 6x6 capability, the platform is able to perform its task even in difficult terrain. Equipped with a hydraulic arm, the Sahar has special equipment to remove the IED from the ground. The system is fully autonomous. Thanks to its advanced payloads, the platform has a high success rate of IED detection and destruction.

Another system introduced by the company is the Caterpillar unmanned conversion kit. With this kit, Caterpillar bulldozers can be converted into autonomous engineering vehicles. Israel also sold the D9 bulldozer, which is equipped with this conversion kit to unnamed customer. The system, which is developed to perform the complex engineering tasks in hazardous areas, can perform the scenarios that can be encountered in the field of warfare such as land scraping, suspending suspicious objects, autonomously without risking human life.

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