Israel Missile Test

Israel Missile Test 18 August, 2020

Israel, which has a highly developed infrastructure and knowledge, especially in the field of air defence systems, continues its studies.

Israel has tested one of its advanced air defence systems. In a recent trial, the Arrow-2 air defence missile successfully destroyed the target simulating a medium-range ballistic missile. The activity, carried out in cooperation with the US Missile Defense Agency (MDA), was carried out in California. Sparrow target system was also used in the experiment. In the statement made by the parties, it was emphasized that the joint activity is a sign of the US-Israel cooperation and friendship and shows the importance given by the USA to the security of Israeli citizens.

Arrow-2, developed to intercept short and medium-range surface-to-surface missiles, is the central part of the Israeli layered air defence system. The system has been operating in the Israeli inventory since 1998. The Arrow-2, propelled by a two-stage solid-fuel rocket motor, can be effective at a range of 90 to 159 km, depending on the variant. The missile can reach a speed of Mach 9 and is guided to its target with a dual-mode passive infrared and active radar seeker.

Israel Missile Test

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