Israel to Significantly Increase UAV Numbers

Israel to Significantly Increase UAV Numbers 15 February, 2018

Israel Air Force plans to boost its unmanned capabilities by significantly increasing the number of unmanned aerial vehicles in its inventory as well as the manpower in RPAV (remotely piloted aerial vehicle) Division.

The service published a release regarding a series of changes which includes the establishment of new UAV squadrons over the next seven years. In the release, IAF highlighted the fact that every other day, significant missions previously performed by manned platforms are being performed by unmanned systems. "For instance, reconnaissance missions performed currently performed by “Kukia” (Beechcraft King Air B-200) light transport aircraft will be performed by “Eitan” (Heron TP) RPAVs. As the responsibility for maritime patrol, which was once performed by "Shachaf" (Sea Scan), was assumed by "Shoval" (Heron 1) RPAVs," the service said.

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