Israel Unveils New F-35 Line

Israel Unveils New F-35 Line 28 December, 2018

Israel introduced the new line for F-35 Lightning II aircraft. The line was installed to increase the production capacity of F-35 Lightning II parts produced at IAI facilities.

IAI plants produce F-35 lightning wing parts that make them invisible on the radar. Since 2014, the company has been producing wing and wing components for Lockheed Martin. Some of these are the key components for F-35 Lightning II. Company produced and delivered more than 700 wing components on a single line.

Israel, the first foreign country to receive the F-35 Lightning II, was again the first country to use the F-35s in combat duty. Tel Aviv ordered 50 F-35 Lightning IIs in total. Aircrafts under use with the name of F-35I Adir in Israeli Air Force is scheduled to cost $ 5.5 billion to Israel.

United Kingdom announced that coatings of F-35 Lightning II wearing off qucikly than expected in last weeks

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