Israeli Anti-Ship Missile Test

Israeli Anti-Ship Missile Test 3 June, 2020

The hydrocarbon deposits and the importance of maritime trade are the two most important elements that increasing tension on the continental shelf debates today. For this reason, the states that have coast and have political/strategic interests are going through different measures.

Israel, one of the most important players in the Eastern Mediterranean, announced a long-range anti-ship missile was tested last month. In the published images, it was recorded that the missile called LORA (LOng Range Attack) hit its target on the sea with high precision. Israeli Aerospace Industries (IAI) stated that the LORA weapon system was tested at short range (90 km) and long-range (400 km), and in both scenarios, the target was destroyed with a dispersion of fewer than 10 meters.

LORA, which is a surface-to-surface missile system, can be loaded onto civilian commercial ships within the containers. The system, which provides an important advantage against the enemy thanks to its confidentiality factor, provides command-control possibilities up to four containers, that means 16 missiles from a single operator console. The missiles, which can reach a range of 400 km, have very high precision strike capability.

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Israeli Anti-Ship Missile Test

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