Israeli UAV Extended Endurance

Israeli UAV Extended Endurance 11 October, 2016

Israel Aerospace Industries increased the endurance of its BirdEye 650D unmanned air vehicle to over 15 hours, according to UAV marketing manager of IAI's Malat division. The BirdEye 650D is intended for a variety of military and paramilitary missions such as over-the-hill intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance (ISTAR), patrol, urban operation, counter-terrorism, convoy escort, radio relay, and law enforcement. It can operate 15,000ft high and reach up to a range of 150km. With a maximum payload weight of 5.5kg, the Bird-Eye 650D tactical UAV can be configured with multiple sensor systems including MiniPOP and MicroPOP electro-optical stabilised payloads, T-STAMP camera, and other electronic payloads. 

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