Israel Tested Arrow-3 in Alaska

Israel Tested Arrow-3 in Alaska 29 July, 2019


Israel’s Arrow-3 missiles were tested for high-altitude, hit-to-kill engagements at the Pacific Spaceport Complex-Alaska in Kodiak.

The tests were a joint effort between the Israel Missile Defence Organization of the Directorate of Defence Research and Development and the U.S. Missile Defence Agency. The Arrow weapon system, which intercepts missiles outside of the atmosphere, is part of Israel’s layered defence system that includes Iron Dome, David’s Sling and Arrow-2 systems. The multi-layered system is meant to defend against short- and mid-range rockets coming from Gaza and Lebanon. Arrow is a co-production of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and Boeing.

“The Arrow-3 interceptor successfully demonstrated an engagement capability against the exo-atmospheric target during the test,” according to a July 28 MDA statement. “Preliminary analysis indicates that test objectives were successfully achieved.”

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