Spain Ordered Many Aircraft Exchange for Job Cut

Spain Ordered Many Aircraft Exchange for Job Cut 7 August, 2020

Aviation was one of the heaviest sectors affected by COVID-19, shaked the world and give negatice effect on many sectors.

Airbus, one of the world's leading aircraft manufacturers, faced important order cancellations due to the virus. For this reason, the company, which announced that a significant amount of personnel will be dismissed, supported by Spain. Madrid reached an agreement with the company for acquisition of substantial aircraft in exchange for less job cuts from Airbus' facilities in Spain.

In this context, Spain ordered three A330 MRTT aerial refuelling tankers, four C295 transport aircraft, 36 H135 light utility helicopters and four H160. It is stated that the contract means great importance not only for Airbus but also for subcontractors.

The Spanish Government, which owns 4% of Airbus, will also invest 185 million Euros in the aviation industry. The breakthrough will be financed by the European Union (EU). The EU has also made a commitment to procure several aircraft from Spain.

Airbus has announced that it will terminate the work of 15,000 employees operating in its facilities worldwide. 900 of these personnel work in the company's offices / factories located in Spain.

Spain Ordered Many Aircraft Exchange for Job Cut

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