Switzerland To Renew Air Defences

Switzerland To Renew Air Defences 10 November, 2017

Swiss Department of Defence announced on 8 November that the Federal Council took decisions in principle concerning the renewal of the means of protection of Swiss airspace. It is planned to acquire new combat aircraft and a new system of Ground-Based Air Defense (GBAD), for a maximum cost of 8 billion francs. 

This means the Swiss Army's budget should be increased annually by 1.4% by 2021.According to the statement, 30 F/A-18 jets will be retired around 2030; 53 F-5 Tigers already not suited to operations; the ground-air defence systems will reach the end of their service life in 2025. 

The government tasked the defence ministry with looking at potential aircraft, wanting it to begin talks with Airbus, Boeing, Dassault, Lockheed Martin and Saab.

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