Italy on Delay for F-35 Order

Italy on Delay for F-35 Order 7 September, 2019

Italy’s new government has to decide whether to confirm Italy’s long-delayed order for F-35 fighters. New defence minister, Lorenzo Guerini has to decide him on whether to order additional F-35 fighters. According to Italian press reports, Italy must officially award the Pentagon by the end of September, in order to keep Italy’s delivery slots.

The decision has to be taken within three weeks bur new minister has to prepare the draft defence budget for 2020.

The F-35 decision was delayed by an unresolved struggle between the previous government’s two parties by ideological opposition to order additional fighters.

The government change also brings the future of tempest program as a question on agenda. Previous defence minister, Elisabetta Trenta, had agreed in principle to join British Tempest program.  Italy and UK were expected to sign the relevant agreement on Sept. 11 at the DSEi Defence trade show in London.

France and Germany have offered Italy to join to their competing (Future Combat Air System /FCAS) project as well.

Italy on Delay for F-35 Order

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