Italian Navy Picked "Black Shark"

Italian Navy Picked "Black Shark" June 22, 2018

Italy selected a torpedo for use in U212A Class submarines in its inventory. Submarines will be equipped with Leonardo's Black Shark Advanced (BSA) torpedoes. The company will provide the necessary logistical support and equipment along with the torpedoes. "The new torpedo enhance the U212A's submarine defense capabilities" said in the statement made by Leonardo.

In the latest version of the Black Shark Advanced torpedoes, the optimizable energy production section can be optimised for training or operational purposes. In training duties, the batteries of the torpedo are recharged and can be launched up to 100 times. This solution also offers significant advantages for operating costs.

Heavy-weight torpedo BSA is 533 millimeters in diameter. It has 250 kilograms of insensitive ammunition warhead in the STANAG 4439 The MURAT-2 standard. BSA offerins an effective using capability of 50,000 meters range even at depths of 1000 meters. The weight of the system, which is equipped with silver oxide and aluminum (Al-AgO) batteries, which provides double time the battery power compared to the equivalents, is 1500 kilograms.

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