Domestic Thermal Scope Delivery

Domestic Thermal Scope Delivery 23 April, 2020

The Turkish defence industry continues its operations and deliveries despite the harsh conditions of the virus epidemic.

The Presidency of Defence Industries announced a new delivery from its official social media account. "The new PARS 675 Thermal Weapon Scope produced by 3E EOS with domestic facilities for our snipers to shoot with high precision and accuracy under night conditions were delivered to Gendarmerie" information shared. 

Pars 675 thermal weapon sight developed and produced by 3E EOS can be used as a standalone weapon sight as well as in plug-and-play configuration. The system, which has a 75 mm objective lens, offers the user an 8.3-degree x 6.6-degree field of view. Pars 675 has a minimum focal length of 9 meters. The scope, which has a human detection distance of 2,200 meters, enable the detection of objects of vehicle size from 6,750 meters. The hardware is suitable for use in harsh environments with its body structure made of high strength aluminium. It has a coloured OLED screen. The system, which has advanced features such as Wi-Fi image transfer and Bluetooth wireless control, has capability to record 120 minutes of video and up to 10,000 photos. Pars 675, which has stadiametric distance measurement capability, stands out with its features such as recoil resistance for 5.56 mm and 7.62 mm NATO standards and 6 hours of use with a single battery, in The system can operate at an ambient temperature between -35 degrees and +55 degrees.

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