Japan Returns to the Past

Japan Returns to the Past 19 December, 2018

A new defence breakthrough came from the Far East, where stressing winds never rested. Japan has approved the five-year giant defence budget. As part of the budget approved by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Japan plans to invest US $ 242 billion in defence. It is aimed to improve the ballistic missile defence system within the scope of the five-year period. In addition, 100 F-35 Lightning II procurement is planned from this budget. The main point of the decision is the Izumo class LHD platforms. With this step, Japan will have a sea platform capable of carrying fixed wing aircraft for the first time after World War II. Within the scope of the budget, the Izumo class amphibious assault ships in the Japanese Marine Self-Defence Force inventory will get necessary modifications for the operation of the F-35B Lightning II aircraft. In this context, procurement of long-range cruise missiles for the Japanese Air Self Defence Forces is also considered.

Issue 86