Japan to Work with US for Next-Generation Fighter Aircraft

Japan to Work with US for Next-Generation Fighter Aircraft 21 April, 2020

Following the success of the General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon, the United States developed the F-16 Agile Falcon variant with advanced avionics, larger wing area and more powerful engine. The platform failed to achieve the expected sales success, and at that time it was Japan's choice in search of a similar platform. Tokyo improved the platform and F-2 developed the base on F-16 Agile Falcon.

Tokyo, which wants to produce domestic fighter jets to replace the F-2, has reached a conclusion in search of a partner country to work in the new design. Sankei News reports that Japan has decided to create a working group of local and U.S. aerospace companies for the development of the successor to the Japanese F-2 fighter. The report added that Britain lost the race for the joint development programme as it “wants to have the lead and Japan is unwilling to participate in joint development with other countries in the Tempest program”.

The United States and Japan worked together to develop the F-2, but the United States did not share key details of the design with Japan.

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