Japanese Touch to Hypersonic Missile

Japanese Touch to Hypersonic Missile 13 March, 2020

The hypersonic guided projectile market continues to expand with new actors. It seems that the Far East countries will not remain unresponsive to developments in this area.

The effectiveness of close-in weapon systems, which are the shields of naval platforms, continues to become more effective in line with technological developments. In order to increase the effectiveness of the ammunition, to make it difficult to destroy and to avoid the reaction time to the enemy, the countries continue to work towards increasing the velocity of the ammunition. Japan was the last country to join the hypersonic countries club led by Russia. Due to the multidimensional threat perception in the region, Tokyo has announced that it has begun work on hypersonic ammunition.

Within the scope of the ongoing works, the Japanese Technology and Logistics Agency ATLA announced two new system designs. Within the scope of the programs called Hyper Velocity Gliding Projectile (HVGP) and Hypersonic Cruising Missile (HCM), a new tandem structure multi-stage will be developed. The systems, which are planned to be used against "enemy elements on the sea area around enemy ships and small islands", will be equipped with high explosive armor piercing warheads.

In the image published by the Japanese Ministry of Defence, the use of a figure similar to China's Type 001 class aircraft carriers did not go unnoticed.

Japanese Touch to Hypersonic Missile

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