'Defence' Move by Japan

'Defence' Move by Japan March 23, 2017

Japan's Maritime Self-Defense Forces (MSDF) commissioned its second Izumo-class helicopter carrier JS Kaga on 22 March, almost two years after its sister ship (JS Izumo), during a ceremony held in Yokohama. 248-meter long vessel features five helipads and can carry 14 or more helicopters simultaneously as well as some F-35s and Osprey MV-22s. JS Kaga is planned to operate a complement of seven Mitsubishi-built SH-60 ASW helicopters and seven AgustaWestland MCM-101 Mine CounterMeasure (MCM) helicopters, according to the MSDF.

With a full displacement of 27,000 long tons, JS Kaga is outfitted primarily for anti-submarine warfare (ASW) 

'Defence' Move by Japan

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