Ukraine may Buy JF-17 Block 3

Ukraine may Buy JF-17 Block 3 3 May, 2020

Ukraine may be the new buyer of JF-17 Block 3, a modernized version of the JF-17 fighter jet jointly developed by China and Pakistan. In March, a delegation from the Ukrainian Air Force (UAF) visited the Pakistani Aviation Complex Kamra. The UAF met with Saab in 2014 to buy fighter jets, but no conclusions were reached. Kiev, which is considering the F-16, may have changed its direction due to budget constraints. Speaking to, a source stated that JF-17 Block 3 can be purchased for UAF.

The visit could have something to do with Pak- Ukraine cooperation in the field of missile development. In 2018, Ukraine’s arms development and export agency, UkrOboronProm and Pakistan agreed to discuss “terms and conditions for launching joint Ukrainian-Pakistani production of precision rockets of different classes,”

Ukraine may Buy JF-17 Block 3

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