JL-9 Solution

JL-9 Solution 23 March, 2020

Aircraft carrier power is increasing worldwide. Described as a separate capability in aviation, the ship-based aircraft operation also creates the need for special equipment.

China, which tries to become one of the world's leading aircraft carrier powers, continues its works without interruption. Beijing, which has commissioned the first two ships and continues the construction of the third, takes measures to meet the increasing need for aircraft and pilots. In this context, it is on the agenda to make the JL-9 advanced jet traininers suitable for use on the aircraft carrier deck. Operating within the Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC), Guizhou Aviation Industry Corporation has begun studies on the new model of the aircraft. In the image shared with the statement, the JL-9 is in flight on the sailing aircraft carrier. Within the scope of the works, it is planned to improve the engine, fuselage and landing gear components of the platform and to make the aircraft resistant to corrosion.

USA uses T-45 Goshawk aircraft as carrier based jet trainer. The Russians carry out their training activities with Su-25 UTGs, which is the adapted model of the Su-25 (NATO Code: Frogfoot) ground attack aircraft. China does not yet have a jet training aircraft adapted for aircraft carrier stationed missions.

JL-9 Solution

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