KAI and Airbus to develop marine Surion June 20, 2016

Surion opens to submarine warfare

Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) and Airbus Helicopters have agreed to jointly develop a Marine version of the helicopter Surion, a helicopter from the class of 8 tons already co-developed by the two manufacturers since 2006. KAI and Airbus Helicopters were selected by the Republic of Korean Ministry of Defence to develop a utility helicopter for military training and para-public missions such as firefighting, medical evacuation, police operations.

Borrowing several items on shelf at Airbus Helicopters, the Surion made its first flight in 2010 and entry into service was held in March 2013 in the Korean Army flight school who should receive 35 copies of a total of 210. The Marine version for the fight against surface ships and anti-submarine has a potential market of 250 aircraft over the next ten years, say both partners.

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