KAI to  Upgrade Thai T-50 THs

KAI to  Upgrade Thai T-50 THs 30 May, 2019


Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) announced on 24th that the company concluded a deal, worthy of approximately US $52million with the Royal Thai Air Force.

The deal aims to equip the T-50 TH Jet trainers which RTAF operates with radars and the RWR, CMDS. The contract includes such follow-up and support as training, repairing parts and support equipment.

The RTAF expects that the third contract could raise the performance of its T-50TH and further, will keep a high operation rate via the smooth operation of the aircrafts.

The Thai government had purchased four of T-50 in 2015 and on August 2017, it made the second deal for purchasing eight more.

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