Loitering Munition Intend

Loitering Munition Intend 29 June, 2020

Loitering munition continue to find new users.

The US Special Forces Command (US SOCOM) intends to receive loitering munition to deploy on JLTV platforms. The strongest candidate for the process is the Hero-30 platform of Israel-based Uvision company. The force will announce its selection following the publication of the Request for Information Document, following the demonstrations in 2021.

Weighing 3 kilograms, the Hero-30 equipped with 500-gram warhead. UAV, which can reach a 40 km maximum range, has an endurance of 30 minutes. Hero-30, which is suitable for the use of single personnel, is propelled by an electric motor.

Loitering Munition Intend

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