Truck Mounted Countermeasure

Truck Mounted Countermeasure 16 July, 2020

The countermeasure systems, which are basically divided into two as electronic and physical, are used for tasks such as intercepting / restricting the execution of electronic, electromagnetic or optic-based activities in the environment, depending on the task.

In the images broadcast on CCTV-7, one of China's local televisions, a new counter-measure system developed for the People's Liberation Army was introduced. The system, consisting of a 2x36 launcher tube mounted on a three-axle truck, is thought to launch counter-measure rockets. According to the information in open sources, rockets with multispectral capability launched from the vehicle can reach a 6,000 metres range. It is estimated that the systems have been developed for tasks such as jamming missile guidance systems and electronic-electrooptic reconnaissance / surveillance systems by creating an opaque curtain of aerosol and decoy equipment.

Truck Mounted Countermeasure

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