Truck Mounted Howitzer Market Increases

Truck Mounted Howitzer Market Increases 6 May, 2020

Demand for truck-mounted howitzer is increasing day by day thanks to its ease of use as well as low acquisition and operating costs.

The Philippines, which has accelerated the procurement process for the reconstruction and armament of the army, announced a new procurement plan. A statement from the Philippines Department of National Defence said the country has acquired new artillery systems. According to official information confirmed by Manila, 155 mm 52 calibre ATMOS self-propelled artillery system is procured. 12 ATMOS will enter the Philippines inventory as part of the 47.2 million USD agreement. The Manila government will deploy the systems in two batteries in the Army Artillery Regiment, which was established in January.

ATMOS developed by Elbit Systems. Thanks to its modular structure, can be integrated into any suitable trucks that the user will prefer. Thanks to the ERFB-BB ammunition, the system, which has 41,000 metres effective range, can send nine projectiles per minute to the target.

Truck Mounted Howitzer Market Increases

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