Truck Mounted Howitzer Order

Truck Mounted Howitzer Order 16 March, 2020

Israel, which has implemented a strategic plan to restructure the army, acquire new systems, and increase the effectiveness of systems that is already in use, continues its system procurement processes.

Israel is implementing the replacement program that signed in May 2019 to replace the M109 Doher in its inventory. Within the scope of the plan, which covers a 12-year period and estimated to cost of 280 million USD, Elbit production ATMOS truck-mounted howitzer systems will be procured. In this context, in addition to the 125 million USD contract signed for the first batch ATMOS last year, a new agreement announced. With the agreement, Tel Aviv will receive additional ATMOS from the company's subsidiary Elbit Systems US.

ATMOS, developed by Soltam Systems, is a modular artillery system. The module, which can be mounted on any truck upon user request, can be maintained and managed with 2-6 personnel thanks to its advanced electronic infrastructure and automatic loading system. Equipped with a 155 mm barrel, the system can fire rounds to a range of 40 km with ERFB-BB ammunition. ATMOS has fire and scout capability with its inertial navigation and advanced electronic systems. In this way, the system can perform single gun-single battery tasks.

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