Russian Truck Mounted Howitzer

Russian Truck Mounted Howitzer 20 July, 2020

Russia, which gives importance to the artillery and calls them as the "god of the battlefield" continues to studies on the new generation indirect fire systems.

Burevestnik Central Research Institute, a subsidiary of Russia-based Uralvagonzavod, introduced a truck-mounted howitzer system called Malva. The platform, which has a 152 mm main gun, based on the BAZ-6010-027 8x8 truck chassis. According to the GRAU system, 2S43 code given to the self-propelled howitzer, is able to reach eight rounds per minute rate of fire thanks to a special loading mechanism. Malva, which can be transported from the air thanks to its low weight, is stated to have a remote control system that increases personnel safety against counter-battery fires.

In the photos of the platform, which has an 8x8 traction system, it is seen that it is quipped with a central tire inflation system. Thus, the personnel cabin of the platform, which has a unique off-road capability, is also armoured.

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