Canada Indecisive in Search and Rescue

Canada Indecisive in Search and Rescue May 22, 2018

Sikorsky plans to offer Canada its S-92 civilian helicopter for the Royal Canadian Air Force’s search and rescue operations. The service operates a fleet of 14 Leonardo Cormorants, a variant of the EH-101, for search and rescue and is now working on a project to modernize its search and rescue fleet. Canada is yet to decide whether to buy new aircraft or upgrade the Cormorants.

Sikorsky's offer would focus on providing a solution that is more affordable at acquisition and throughout the entirety of the lifecycle. S-92s are used for search and rescue by the Irish Coast Guard, the UK and Republic of Korean Coast Guard.

On the other hand, Leonardo proposes modernization of the existing Cormorants.  

Canada Indecisive in Search and Rescue

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