KAPLAN STA One Step Closer to Serial Production

KAPLAN STA One Step Closer to Serial Production 26 April, 2018

FNSS announced that the first prototype of the KAPLAN-STA Weapons Carrier (Silah Taşıyıcı Araç/STA), a tracked anti-tank vehicle, is now undergoing verification process and the serial production will begin after the qualification tests to be started soon. The production of the first prototype was completed in January.

KAPLAN-STA, developed under Weapons Carrier Vehicle (STA) Project contract signed in June 2016 between Turkish Undersecretariat for Defence Industries (SSM) and FNSS, is a new generation armored combat vehicle with automatic gearbox and has the ability to operate with main battle tanks. Mine and armour protected KAPLAN-STA, developed as an anti-tank weapon system carrier, is equipped with a ready-to-fire anti-tank gun, as well as a coaxial 7,62 mm machine gun.

The production of the first wheeled variant prototype developed under the STA Project, PARS-STA, is expected to be completed in April and its verification tests will begin in May.

The serial productions of both tracked and wheeled vehicles developed in the scope of the STA Project is planned to be completed in 2021. A total of 260 vehicles will be delivered to the Land Forces Command.

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