Enhanced Abrams' to Army

Enhanced Abrams' to Army 27 July, 2018

US Army took action for tank modernization. In this context, it has signed an agreement with General Dynamics Land Systems (GDELS) for the modernization of 100 tanks. The tanks to be modernized will be upgraded to the M1A2 System Enhancement Package Version 3 (SEPv3) configuration.

The first prototype of the SEPv3 Abrams delivered in 2017. With SEPv3, communication systems are enhanced. Tanks have more efficient fuel consumption, improved Common Remote Controlled Weapon System (CROWS), which offers 340 degrees of visibility and IFLIR (Improved FLIR). Vehicle's situational awareness also increased. The level of protection against IED and other threats also increased . Tanks will also equipped with CREW Duke V3 electronic countermeasure system.

Enhanced Abrams' to Army

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