Dangerous Interaction at Black Sea

Dangerous Interaction at Black Sea 31 December, 2019

Russia continues dangerous contacts with the units it considers as risk in the seas. Russian forces, which came to the agenda frequently with their activities in the international waters, conducted mock attacks on the destroyer of the US Navy cruising at the Black Sea.

In a statement issued by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Su-27 and / or Su-30 escorted two Su-24s of the Russian Aerospace Forces conducted dangerous training scenarios on Black Sea. Within the scope of the training activities, aircraft conducted mock attacks, agressive manuevers, low-altitude flybys and missile attack sequences against the Arleigh Burke class USS Ross (DDG 71) destroyer. Russian aircraft, reportedly left the region after activities smoothly. USS Ross (DDG 71) completed its course by anchoring in Odessa Port.

The US visited the ports of Ukraine 18 times only in 2019 with war ships. On the other hand, the Moscow administration frequently expresses its discomfort with the increasing US Navy activities in the Black Sea.

Dangerous Interaction at Black Sea

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