Karayel-su on Display in Dubai

Karayel-su on Display in Dubai 9 November, 2017

Vestel Defence's tactical unmanned aerial vehicle Karayel-Su will be showcased at the Dubai Airshow aviation fair to be held in Dubai on 12 November. The firm that has established close relations with the countries of the region will exhibit its most advanced UAV here.

The improved version of the Karayel increased the wingspan by 13 meters from 10,5 meters to ensure that the Karayel-Su can carry more payload. The duration of the 16-hour flight has risen up to 20 hours. In a total of four weapons stations, each carrying 30 kg of ammunition, the UAV gained the ability to carry 120 kg of ammunition. The underwing stations were designed in a modular structure so that the platform can carry different payloads besides ammunition.

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