KARAYEL-SU on Display in Dubai

KARAYEL-SU on Display in Dubai 13 November, 2017

VESTEL Defence is exhibiting the newest member of its UAV family, KARAYEL-SU (SU standing for Armed-Extended Wing in Turkish), at DUBAI Airshow. KARAYEL, a fully operational tactical class UAV developed and manufactured for reconnaissance and surveillance missions, has increased payload capacity and the endurance compared to its former version. 

The indigenously designed platform is the first system in the region to meet NATO’S Airworthiness standards, according to the company statement. KARAYEL-SU has two hardpoints for payload under each wing, each one of these with the ability to carry 30 kg. At the exhibition, KARAYEL-SU is displayed with ROKETSAN MAM-L and MAM-C munitions under its wings. The wing hardpoints can also be equipped with payloads other than munitions. The KARAYEL-SU also retains the ability to carry 50 kg EO/IR payload at the fuselage payload bay.

KARAYEL-SU on Display in Dubai

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