Anatolian Eagle on Konya

Anatolian Eagle on Konya June 26, 2019

The Anatolian Eagle Drill, which is performed regularly every year, is also held in Konya this year. The activity, which started on June 17th, proceeds in a scenario. In the ongoing exercise within the scope of the scenario; strategic mission trainings are carried out between the Red Countries, which consist entirely of Turkish aircraft and the Blue Countries, which consist of Turkish and foreign countries' aircraft. 

More than 600 Turkish and over 450 foreign personnel attended this year's Anatolian Eagle, which could also be described as a training activity. The exercise is followed by 316 press members and spotters from 20 different countries, 187 of whom are Turkish, as well as distinguished observers from 13 different countries.

Anatolian Eagle on Konya

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