Hurricane Hit Raptor

Hurricane Hit Raptor 16 October, 2018

Hurricane Michael hurt the American Air Force. The hurricane last week was effective and wind speed during the disaster reached 250 km / h. Hurricane hit the East Coast, and the Air Force took its share. In line with the warnings of meteorology, 33 of the 55 F-22A Raptor aircraft stationed in Florida were shifted to another bases. However, 22 F-22As that were unable to fly due to maintenance and repair operations were stranded on top. During the hurricane, the platforms underneath the hangar roofs are under heavy damage. However, it was reported that the size of the damage could be determined exactly after the removal of debris.


The F-22A Raptor met the sky in 1997. Only user of the aircraft is USAF. The unit and maintenance costs are also quite high. 

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