Qatari Ejder on Exercise

Qatari Ejder on Exercise 27 March, 2020

Domestic production vehicles continue to achieve an export success. Platforms, which have successfully served in the inventory of different countries, also show up at international events.

In the Impregnable Guard 2020 Exercise held in Qatar, in which more than 10 participants participated in different statuses, Turkish indigenous vehicles also seen. Delivered to Qatar within the scope of the exports announced in 2017, Ejder Yalçın was seen for the first time at the parade held in Qatar National Day last year.

Turkey, Jordan, Morocco, Pakistan, Oman, the USA, France and NATO attended to the exercise; It was determined that the Qatar Ejder Yalcin, equipped with Serdar remote controlled weapon station, were also attended. Serdar has different configurations on the number of machine guns and missiles it carries. The systems delivered by Qatar include one 12.7 mm machine gun, one 7.62 mm machine gun and two anti-tank missiles.

Qatari Ejder on Exercise

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