Qatar’s Choice is "Nurol Makina"

Qatar’s Choice is "Nurol Makina" 23 August, 2020

According to the agreement signed between Nurol Makine and Qatar, the Turkish company will produce armoured vehicles for the Qatar Special Forces Command.

For the second time, Nurol Makina sat at the negotiation table with Nurol Makina, which previously supplied 400 Ejder YALÇIN and 100 YÖRÜK vehicles for the Qatar Armed Forces. According to the announcement made on the official twitter account of the Ministry of Defence of Qatar, the Qatar Armed Forces and Barzan Holdings signed understanding agreement then a contract of Qatar Joint Special Force armoured vehicles signed with Turkish company Nurol Makina..the company will deliver them in 2 batch first batch 2021 and second batch in 2022.

Qatar’s Choice is "Nurol Makina"

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