Kazakh Y-8 Made Its Maiden Flight

Kazakh Y-8 Made Its Maiden Flight 18 June, 2018

Y-8F-200WA tactical transport aircraft which is ordered by Kazakhstan made its maiden flight. The contract was signed on April 21st for the aircraft tested at Shaanxi Liugu Airport. All aircraft which are ordered by Kazakhstan are scheduled to be delivered in the first quarter of 2019.

The Y-8F-200WA is an upgraded version of the Y-8, a medium-range transport aircraft developed from Antonov-12. The body can be used for tasks such as platform, troop transport, aerial resupply and air ambulance, which is 2.2 meters longer than its predecessor and can be used in military and commercial operations. After delivery, Kazakhstan, will be the third Y-8 user after Venezuela and Myanmar .

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