Restriction of KC-46 Lifted

Restriction of KC-46 Lifted 25 December, 2019

Cargo ban of the KC-46, which was struggling with problems in the development process and in the post-delivery, has been lifted.

About three months ago, it was found that the floor cargo locking components on the floor suffered mechanical problems. After the first inspection, the transportation of personnel and cargo was banned in KC-46A Pegasus for detailed research. In the inspections, it was found that the mechanisms that had to be locked automatically were not locked due to the fact that they did not rotate enough in load situations. It was stated that the components risk flight safety due to failure to lock unless there is personnel intervention. In this process, necessary works were completed. During improvement studies, platform serving only for refueling tasks. Improvements to the components obtained from this data have been completed and are already integrated into the platforms in service. Following the test flights, the ban on carrying cargo and personnel of the aircraft was recently lifted. Thus, the aircraft began to perform their duties with full capability.

Restriction of KC-46 Lifted

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