KC-46 Suffers Again

KC-46 Suffers Again 1 April, 2020

KC-46 Pegasus, struggling with the problems since the project was announced, did not surprise again.

The US Air Force said in a statement that the fuel leak problem, which detected in July 2019, is more critical than expected. For this reason, the problem was redefined as First Level, the most critical level. In the announcement made by the KC-46 Program Office, it was stated that all the platforms delivered will also be reviewed, the inspection at the required stages will be tightened during the acceptance test process, and possible leaks will be prevented by the necessary modifications will be made at the factory level in the platforms where problems are detected. Boeing announced that the problem in question is currently requires on 16 aircraft, and that the repair process has been completed in seven additional KC-46.

The United States has announced that KC-46A Pegasus, which stated that the necessary measures against fuel leakage are taken with the most modern methods, have found a problem in the detection of fuel between the first and second protection barriers during maintenance operations.

After the problems detected in structural components, KC-46 Pegasus frequently came up with the problems experienced in structural components and residues, fuel boom and refueling monitoring system and debrises that were forgotten between the components. Boeing also experiencing problems due to fuel leaked in addition on the platforms which production was suspended due to COVID-19 in the past days.

KC-46 Suffers Again

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