Khan, Exported to Bangladesh

Khan, Exported to Bangladesh 18 December, 2019

Electroland Defence company developed and produced Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Robot especially for Bangladesh armed forces. Robots were tested under the supervision of military commission from Bangladesh. Robots passed the tests successfully, and acceptance tests are completed. Thus, the KHAN EOD Robot is exported for the first time. Bangladesh is the first recipient of five robots.

Following the tests, the Water Jet Disrupter, which can be optionally mounted on the robot, was also tested.

Ferhat Uğur, General Manager of Elektroland Defence, stated that they are proud of exporting to their system to Bangladesh.

KHAN EOD enables the bomb squads to examine a suspicious object from at least 500 meters and is equipped with a five-axis robotic arm built on a new generation tracked platform.

The platform is equipped with a high-resolution HD camera with day/night vision camera for exploration and surveillance purposes indoors and outdoors for detailed inspection and disposal of explosives.

The robot can be controlled by a radio signal from five hundred meters and can operate for three hours. The robot has a 360-degree perimeter monitoring camera. The robot with battery and arms weighs approximately 20 kg. Therefore, it can be carried by one person if desired. It can reach the steepest operation area where the obstacle can pass through a ditch, climb stairs, ramps. The robot can be commanded with adjustable speed control from 0-5 km / h.

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Khan, Exported to Bangladesh

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