KNT-76 is More Ergonomic

KNT-76 is More Ergonomic 22 February, 2019

An exhibition area was established in Kars in the scope of Winter 2019 Exercise. Exhibitors have had the opportunity to exhibit local products in this field.

MKEK exhibited KNT-76 with its new stock in the exhibition stand. KNT-76 is a DMR version of MPT 76 and designed to share many sub-parts with the MPT-76 in order to reduce costs and provide logistical advantages. One of these components, telescopic buttocks, was changed according to the feedback received from the Turkish Armed Forces. Adjustable cheek rest component was added to adjustable stock of KNT-76, which is designed specifically for this rifle. The standard MPT-76 has no adjustable cheek rest. This equipment, which increases the ergonomics of operation, allows the staff to aim better and make sharper shots. The most important feature of the cheek rest, which can be adjusted depending on the user preference, is that it can be fit in the stock in such a way that it does not protrude completely.

With an effective range of 800 meters, the KNT-76 can fire 7,62x51 mm NATO munitions. Equipped with a 20-pin magazine, the gun has a semi-automatic trigger mechanism.


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KNT-76 is More Ergonomic

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