Knyaz Vladimir Delivered Officially

Knyaz Vladimir Delivered Officially 2 June, 2020

Nuclear submarines are still one of the most strategic weapons, thanks to their ability to deploy submerged for weeks, and to bring a large number of warheads closer to distant lands, that give short reaction time to hostile elements.

Russia continues the submarine tradition that it inherited from the Soviets, which had a large fleet of nuclear submarines, both in quantity and capability, during the Cold War. In this context, Project 955A, also known as Borei-A class with the delivery agreement signed in Severodvinsk, then Russian Navy has taken delivery from the Sevmash Shipyard. Russian state authorities have underlined that the signed document is also a symbol that RFNS Knyaz Vladimir (K-549) gained operational capability.

Considered to be the fourth generation, Project 955A class submarines will form the backbone of the Russian Navy nuclear power in the next years. Platforms can carry 16 R-30 Bulava SLBM (Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile) also known as 3M30 in the GRAU system. These nuclear missiles can reach 9,000 kilometres. The RFNS Knyaz Vladimir's displacement, which is not subject to restrictions such as range thanks to the nuclear propulsion system, is 14,720 tons on the surface; 24,000 tons submerged. The submarine, which is 170 meters long, has a speed of 25 knots / hour and is additionally equipped with six 533 mm torpedo tubes.

Knyaz Vladimir Delivered Officially

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