Command-Control Entrusted to Systematic

Command-Control Entrusted to Systematic November 16, 2016

Systematic has been awarded a $7,7 million contract by the New Zealand Defence Force to support its Network Enabled Army (NEA) programme. The NEA Programme aims to enhance C4ISR capability of the NZ Army by improving its battlefield command-and-control system, communications and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance sensor systems. The contact includes Systematic's SitaWare command-and-control (C2) software suite as well as design and implementation support services.

SitaWare consists of three interoperable segments: SitaWare Headquarters, designed for use in command posts (CP) and headquarters at battalion level and above; SitaWare Frontline, a battle management system intended principally for use in vehicles; and SitaWare Edge for the dismounted commander. The SitaWare system will allow the army to get a full picture of the battlefield and share information in a quick manner.

Issue 82