Turkish Fuselage to Korean Helicopter

Turkish Fuselage to Korean Helicopter 21 June, 2020

The visit of the Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank to Eskişehir drew attention to the company Coşkunöz operating here.

TUSAŞ Motor (TEI) participated in the test of TJ-300 turbojet engine at its facilities. Minister Varank then visited the aviation and defence departments of Coşkunöz.

The main fuselage is produced for TAI KUH-1 Surion helicopter.  KAI develops offshore, search and rescue, assault versions of KUH-1. The minister, A total of 60 middle classes, will be produced for ten years.

The minister received information about the firm's UAV studies.

Coşkunöz company produces Çağatay 50 with vertical landing take-off (VTOL) and Cengaver, the target aircraft. Çağatay was developed following 50 network-based combat. With the transfer of duties from one antenna to another, it can be commanded 200 km from the airport or Ankara headquarters.

Çağatay VTOL has a wingspan of 4.65m. The fuselage is made of composite material, moulded manufacturing. The product, which has a payload capacity of about 5 kg, has a motor of 100cc. Average fuel consumption is 1 litre / hour. This find can serve 6 hours.

Çağatay VTOL does not require this runway or catapult/lancer to use vertically on landing and take off. Çağatay VTOL can land on an area of ​​5 × 5 m. Landing to the sea and moving points continues.

Necessary for air defence training for jet engine Cengaver. This UAV targets the training of missiles seeking infrared marks.

The software content of all parts of the UAVs, except for the engine, is a hundred per cent local in the avionic country.

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Turkish Fuselage to Korean Helicopter

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