Pyongyang threatens Seoul for retaliation 28 May, 2016

North Korea threatened Republic of Korea of "merciless retaliatory strikes" in the aftermath of warning shots from the Korean navy against two North Korean boats near the disputed maritime border in the Yellow Sea. The North now will open fire without warning against any Korean boat that penetrate "even 0.001 millimetre of that" in the disputed border area, said the General Staff of the Korean People's Army in a statement relayed by the official agency KCNA. A Republic of Korea naval ship made Friday warning shots to rein in a patrol boat and a North Korean fishing vessel that crossed the western sea border between the two countries, according to Seoul. This de facto border is not recognized by Pyongyang, which says she was drawn unilaterally by the UN after the Korean War (1950-1953).


Pyongyang threatens Seoul for retaliation

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