Korea re-runs for Nuclear-Powered Submarine

Korea re-runs for Nuclear-Powered Submarine 11 October, 2019

The Republic of Korea is considering to own nuclear-powered submarine. According to the Korea Herald, the Navy is running a task force on the potential construction of nuclear-powered submarines.

ROK pushed to build such submarines in 2003 behind the scenes as part of its long-term military build-up program.  The project was suspended about a year later after it was disclosed in a media report.

Then in 2017, the defence ministry researched the matter through private entities, which led the military to feel the necessity of the asset, according to Navy officers.

"Operating the task force does not mean that the Navy is pushing for related projects in earnest, as nothing has been decided. It is mainly collecting information regarding the matter," a Navy officer said.

Currently, the country is carrying out the project to build the 3,000-ton indigenous submarine by 2031, with a process to develop its system set to begin in earnest this year.

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