Korea Meets 8X8

Korea Meets 8X8 11 September, 2016

The Republic of Korea Army is expected to place an order for 600 6x6 KW1 and 8x8 wheeled armoured vehicles (WAVs) with Hyundai Rotem in October. Renamed as K806 and K808 respectively, the vehicles will be outfitted with a one-person protected weapon station armed with an M2 HB machine gun and are powered by a 420 hp diesel engine developed by Hyundai Motors that provides a maximum speed of 100 km/h. They are also capable of moving on both land and water and has been engineered to maximize crew operability with accommodation for up to nine fully equipped troops. The initial a batch for field trials will consist of 16 vehicles. After the completion of trials scheduled throughout 2017, Hyundai Rotem will commence the production in 2018. 

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