Korea To Wait Three More Years

Korea To Wait Three More Years 17 October, 2017

The Republic of Korea's Defence Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) announced a three-year delay in production of additional Hyundai Rotem K2 (Black Panther) main battle tanks (MBTs) on 13 October. Hyundai Rotem signed a $820 million contract to supply the additional K2 MBTs to the Republic of Korea Army (RoKA) in December 2014. The country is expected to order more than 600 K2 MBTs to replace its M47 Patton tanks and K1 MBTs.

The delay is due to reliability and durability issues related to the indigenously developed transmission system. DAPA said the mass production of the additional 100 K2s is now expected to be complete by 2020.

The first batch of K2s was fitted with the German MTU 883 diesel engine and Renk transmission system whereas the second batch feature a powerpack consisting of a 1,500hp Doosan DST engine and transmission developed by S&T Dynamics. 

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