North Korea and The Republic of Korea Relations Clash

North Korea and The Republic of Korea Relations Clash 16 June, 2020

North Korea has confirmed that it has detonated its joint liaison office in the Kaesong region on the border with the Republic of Korea in a controlled manner.  After the Korean War, the waters are not calmed along the demilitarized ceasefire line separating the two countries.

Tensions between the two countries quickly escalated after activists in the Republic of Korea ballooned and sent leaflets to the North. North Korea announced on June 9 that it would cut all cross-border communications lines with the Republic of Korea, announcing its readiness to begin military action in the demilitarized zone before the explosion.

The liaison office confirmed that it had blown up, and all lines of communication with the Republic of Korea had been cut off.

North Korea said preparations were being made to send troops to the buffer zone and a plan for operations was being worked on.

A liaison office was established in September 2018 to create a conciliatory space between the two countries and facilitate cooperation. The discomfort with the actions of asylum seekers from the North began to open the two countries.

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