Korkut: “We continue recruitment activities.” 30 April, 2020

Ömer Korkut, who is an expert in the field of IT and Command and Control Applications and has approached his 30th year in the sector, including his career in the Turkish Armed Forces, 4.5 years Defence Technologies and Engineering Inc. He became the General Manager of Space and Defence Technologies (SDT) in March 2020, after his Deputy Chief Technology Officer at (STM). Korkut stated that the recruitment of qualified personnel would continue in this period when COVID-19 has damaged the sector.

C4Defence: You have just started to work as General Manager at SDT. What is your message primarily to the Turkish Defence industry and SDT staff?

Ömer Korkut: Turkish Defence Industry has made a serious breakthrough with the great importance and support of our state to the sector and continues to do so. As a sector, thanks to this momentum we have gained through national designs and domestic productions, we are living the rightful pride of equipping our TAF and our security forces with our engineering power.

Issue 86