Kozak 2M is Different from Predecessor

Kozak 2M is Different from Predecessor 11 October, 2019

During the 16th Arms and Security Exhibition held in Kyiv, Practica exhibited its unique solutions as well as modernization projects. Practica's Kozak 2M MRAP took part in the company booth.

Unlike to its predecessor, Kozak 2M has monocoque body and has a V-type underbelly structure and independent suspension system. It is powered by a 280 HP Iveco diesel engine. The platform, which is wider than Kozak MRAP, offers more balanced driving with this feature. In addition to the central tire inflation system, Kozak 2M is able to to move for 70 kilometers if the tires are damaged, and can be adapted to different configurations. Vehicle is resistant for 8 kilograms of TNT equivalent explosive  which detonates under the body, the Kozak 2M can be equipped with different weapon stations. Army tests will begin after the exhibition, the vehicle allows personnel to be involved in the conflict with firing ports and windows.

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